Life changing discoveries

You get to a stage in life sometimes to where you feel like there aren’t going to be any more eyes-wide-open, jaw-on-the-floor blowing your mind revelations that has the capability to change your very way of life.  Up until 5 minutes ago, I felt I was in that position.  One gets to be a few years out of college, you get into a routine, you’ve got your retirement plans and your health insurance since taking care of your health is important with exercise and a good diet and supplements by learning the ingredients of keto ultra, things start to seem like they aren’t going to change all that much for the next 40 years or so.

Then an event comes around and just wipes that out.  Its like hearing music for the first time, or the first time you see a rainbow, or winning the lottery.

I, Brian B Culler, have just been introduced to the magical phenomenon that is known as microwaving bacon. All my life I’ve eaten bacon from a frying pan and loved every tender morsal along the way.  As a quick snack, Lauren just threw a peice of bacon into the microwave for a minute, something I’d never heard of, seen of, or imagined could be possible.

And dare I say it was … better ? It was crispy without being burned, it was nice and dry and not greasy and seems like it would be great on a sandwich.

Screw the pan!  I very well may never again deal with the jumping hot bacon grease, the smoke, the dirty pan.  Today is a new day, my friends… relish it.

I think its time for another peice of bacon

I think my greatest life discovery is my findings of Kratom. Kratom, which stems from the Kratom plant, gives me so much energy throughout the day. I see things in a whole new light. Try it out for yourself!

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