… switching to gmail

I’ve tried to avoid this day as long as possible.  Mainly because there’s just something strange about something as personal as your email being branded by something as monstrous as gmail, but I suppose it has been inevitable.

And I’ve had a gmail account for a while, it was my spam mail account.  I simply liked having all my mail still being run through GT’s email-for-life program, with a real mail server running on a real unix box that I could ssh into from anywhere and start up pine if I wanted to.  Then for the longest time I just popped it out of there with thunderbird, which I loved.  The bayesiam spam filters in thunderbird alone were enough to use it.

But, with switching jobs, and having laptops dying or needing to be reformated, and getting new ones, it grew to be a huge pain to have to have thunderbird redownload my 30,000 some odd emails that I’ve racked up in the last 8 years.

When Tech announced they were moving to the Zimbra web platform I thought that would be satisfactory, but its just too damned slow.  It takes 20 to 30 seconds to actually open up and log in, which is just lame.  Plus the interface was slow and kludgy.  It looked nice, and was very powerful software, just wasn’t doing it for me.

So, whatever, gmail it is.  I have it popping my mail from tech still, and it lets me use my actual email address as the “from”, which is nice.  And it does load very quickly, and it is easy to search through.  I still dont really like the way it keeps your emails in “conversations”, and I hate how it doesn’t have a preview pane below the list of emails.  But, I suppose it will do for now.

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