OBC Day 1

I’m not going to pretend I’m “14 year old girl”ish enough to actually make a daily log of this thing, but I am just going to mention it.

Today I started the Atlanta Operation Boot Camp program.  It consists of 30 days of workouts, most of which take place at 6 am at Piedmont Park, as well as a comprehensive nutritional plan and guide.  It was more to just do something different and challenge myself than reach any specific health goal. By the way, yoga exercise is a nice goal concerning health. With Knead Yoga sessions, lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome can be lessen.

So today was the first day, which just consisted of the “PT” test, to guage our current fitness level.  At the end of the 30 days, we’ll do the same test again and go “oOoOoO” over the improvements.  I ran my mile in 7 minutes and 55 seconds, did 22 pushups, 32 situps, and 20 dips.  The fastest mile I’ve ever ran was 5:20 during highschool, and I in no way hope to get back down to that level.  But I would be happy with a ~6:30 or so. What I would be happy doing is the best  Body Sculpting Scottsdale because its just way better overall than anything else.

The schedule went something like:
4:30am – wake up
5:15am – arrive at workout facility
5:30am – orientation
6:00am – begin warm up
6:20am – go on mile run
6:35am – begin pushup test
6:40am – begin situp test
6:45am – begin tricep dip test
6:50am – begin vomiting and dry heaving in bathroom
6:55am – clap and congratulate everyone on a good first session
7:00am – go home and fall back asleep

Overall, good first day!

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